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Tourism began in Loreto years ago.
In 1946, Juan Verdugo Garayzar and Blanca opened their home to wedding guests. The house went on to make history in Loreto. It welcomed not only the first tourists, but doctors, teachers, priests, travelers, agents, carriers, intellectuals and businessmen.
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   The kitchen of the house was superb, and meals were always accompanied by a glass of wine or brandy Garayzar, known by guests as tiger's milk. Both products were made of grapes distilled at the family owned Rancho El Zacatal.
The guest house of Doña Blanca stayed in business until the 1980s. In the end, it was run by the daughter of the couple, the unforgettable Garayzar Verdugo.
One of the visitors, Edward Tabor, came to Loreto on his private plane in the late 1940s. He was invited to dine and fell so in love with the place that in 1950, the American visionary established the first hotel in Loreto exclusively for amateur sport fishing in Baja California Sur. It was called the Hotel Tabor or the Flying Sportsmen’s Lodge.

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