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     Basaltic Prisms in Los Comondu
There are two small towns called Los Comondu in the central part of the state of Baja California Sur about 210 miles northwest of La Paz.
A novel attraction of Los Comondu, which has received a lot of attention lately, is a geological formation that is found shortly before reaching the first town, San Miguel de Comondu. It consists of swarms of rocks whimsically molded by nature in the form of geometric prisms: penta, hexa and heptagonals. The “basaltic prisms” can be reached after traveling less than a mile from the town. Part of the route can be traveled by car.
Other free activities available in Los Comondu, or with the company of a local guide, include:
1 Visit the remnants of the mission of San Jose de Comondu. The chapel and part of the wall remain that formed the largest church built in Antigua California.
2 Visit the springs that give life to the oasis of Los Comondu.
3 Walk paths that take you to both cave paintings and petroglyphs.
4 Tour the surrounding villages and orchards
to appreciate in greater depth the essence of the historic settlements.
   These rock formations of volcanic origin have almost perfect geometric prisms formed millions of years ago, thanks to the solidification of liquid lava during the cooling process. Once solidified, the lava loses volume and causes cracks. The result is the pentagonal, hexagonal and heptagonal shapes of each prism face.
A slope of the ravine on which Los Comondu was settled contains these prisms. They can be accessed by a short and safe path of approximately 300 feet. Once atop the hillside, there is a small cave formed by the prisms. In addition to being able to be in contact with these geometric rock formations, from here you can appreciate the landscape of the ravine and the magic of unspoiled nature.
A visit to the prisms is free. However, there are guides in the town that offer tours to this geological curiosity in a safe, enjoyable and informed manner. Two of the guides are Christian Verdugo Diaz and Jesus Gomez Meza. They can be contacted at the Hacienda de Don Mario hotel.
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